Cooking Oil

Cooking Oil

BHT/BHA is used as preservative in chewing Gum, Cereals, Vegetable Oils(also used in hostels/ Government food programes, Free prasadams in Pilgirimage...

Amber Processed

Amber Processed

processed Ashwagandha, Pistacia Lentiscus , Orchis  Mascula etc., 
is a unique Amber Processed poly formulation / Anupanam /bas...



People working in worst heat or Cold conditions, strugle to live a normal Life day to day . Ambrex Poly formulation is a unique Anti-oidant helps peop...

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FMCG - High end skin care & Soap manufacturers, Energy Toffee, Antioxidant base for Tea, Natural Cerals, Antioxidant base for Ready to eat Food, Antioxidant base for Energry Drink & Cooking Oil.

  • Anti-oxidant for all ages in today's Condition.
  • Male Energiser Joy N Joy for voulume turnover.
  • Hang Over - Effective Capsule for Alcohal hangover.
  • Geriat-A capsule for age old people.
  • Peptic Ulcer- Capsule for peptic ulcer.

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   marketing companies

Amber poly formulation/ base protects one from Alcohol hangover- An ideal product for Alcohol Manufacturers                 Read More...

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